We’re Going Green, and Reducing Our Landfill Waste by 75%-90%

In a landmark move, iQuda will be recycling the majority of our business waste from now on. It’s estimated we’ll reduce our landfill waste by anywhere from 75-90% every month.

We never thought we’d be so excited about receiving a bin, but yesterday we were thrilled to take another step to reduce our carbon footprint. We took delivery of a mixed paper, cardboard, plastic, and tin recycling solution – these items account for the majority of waste produced at iQuda.

This development is the latest in a string of environmental improvements at iQuda. We recently switched the majority of our incandescent lighting for more efficient LEDs. We also recycle all our electronic waste via a WEEE registered agency – substantially reducing our carbon footprint and that of our clients.

Our Recycling Initiative

The majority of waste currently produced at iQuda consists of electronics, paper, cardboard, and packaging. Only a small fraction of what we produce is non-recyclable.

From now on, we will recycle:

  • All paper
  • All cardboard
  • All drinks cans
  • All recyclable plastic packaging material

By recycling, we estimate we will reduce our landfill waste by at least 75% and up to 90% each month.

Managing Director Anthony Jones said:

“It’s very encouraging to see what a difference we can make by taking small steps to help the environment. This is a small change to how we operate in the big scheme of things, but one that can make a tangible and long-lasting difference. We’re very interested in finding new ways to improve in future.”

Facts & Figures

  • It’s estimated that 80% of household waste can be recycled or composted.
  • The UK produces more than 100 million tons of waste per year.
  • 5 billion drinks cans are used every year in the UK – each can be recycled, saving energy, waste and raw materials in the process.
  • Each year the UK produces 3% more waste than the following year.