Simulated phishing training

Your people are your weakest link greatest strength in the cyber war. Empower them to be secure.

Just 11-13 simulated phishing emails cuts phishing engagement by two-thirds.


Something phishy?

According to a study by IBM, human error is the main cause of 95% of cyber security breaches.

That’s a figure you can’t ignore.

Training your people to use technology securely is the single most-effective way to avoid a breach.

Simulated phishing training empowers you with the insight & control you need to turn cybersafe from a vision to a reality.

Our simulated phishing solution

Our solution includes regular simulated phishing campaigns & training videos every quarter, plus data-driven reporting for powerful decision making.

4 simulated email phishing campaigns

  • Lure campaign – employees are invited input sensitive data
  • Sophisticated lure campaign – branded with your logo, the name of a senior executive in your business & their job title (advanced, simulates highly targeted phishing attacks which are becoming more common)
  • Broken link campaign – email click leads to a broken webpage (to keep your staff guessing)
  • Education link campaign – redirects to education infographic after engaging with a phishing email (boost their knowledge)

5 e-training courses & videos

  • Informative videos on a range of topics – new videos released regularly
  • Interactive short courses – 7 to 20 minutes per video

Quarterly reports

  • Employee engagement – discover who engages with training
  • Quarter comparison reports – monitor progress & decide steps for upcoming quarter
  • Repeat offender list – identify employees who require additional training
  • Campaign stats
    • Email clicks
    • Lure clicks

…every quarter!

Real-world scenarios

Targeted phishing campaigns test how your staff interact with spam & phishing emails across a range of real world scenarios.

We develop bespoke messages to match your sector, staff knowledge & line of business, putting your people to the test so you can identify training needs.

Our highly targeted campaigns are launched securely, with sending IP addresses whitelisted.

Campaigns are tracked, giving oversight of who’s opened emails or clicked suspicious links.

This helps you:

  • Test staff likelihood to engage with phishing emails
  • Identify opportunities for specialist training
  • Measure staff engagement over time – it’s been shown just 11 to 13 simulated pishing mails cuts engagement from over two thirds.
  • Demonstrate that cybersecurity training measures are cutting risk


E-training courses & videos

Stay on top on information governance compliance with regular, automated training for all your end users.

Pick 5 training courses or videos to go out to your staff every quarter – new videos released regularly across a range of informative topics.

Example topics include:

  • Cybersecurity basics
  • How to spot phishing emails
  • GDPR
  • PCI compliance
  • Bribery & anti-corruption
  • Password security, ransomware & safe remote working

Send reminders & see who has engaged with reporting across all videos & courses.

Videos & courses delivered by email, allowing end users to train in the office, on-the-go or at home.


Why iQuda?

iQuda is an award-winning MSP & cybersecurity solutions provider based in Milton Keynes. We work with small to medium businesses, charities & schools throughout the South East & abroad.

As an MSP we work with thousands of people from all walks of life. We’ve seen first hand how effective training can be in helping organisations to combat cyber threats. That’s why we’ve launched simulated phishing training – to help you combat security with expert support every step of the way.

We are heavily focused on security & hold a number of certifications including ISO 27001 & Cyber Essentials Plus. Our business also complies with sector specific compliance standards such as NHS information Governance due to our work in the healthcare sector.

Ready to empower your people?

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