What is Managed IT Support

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Managed IT support is an outsourced solution for expert maintenance, management, monitoring and support of business critical ICT infrastructure

Managed IT support is an outsourced solution where support is paid for and delivered on an ongoing basis. It is a proactive service where the support provider takes responsibility for managing your systems as well as all associated maintenance tasks.

A managed support contract usually covers specific pre-agreed functions and is usually agreed to on a fixed-fee basis. It is an alternative service to break-fix or pay-as-you-go support where work is paid for on an ad-hoc basis or when for support arises.

All Inclusive Support Cover

To illustrate a managed IT support agreement may provide all-inclusive onsite cover, device and user support, network management, procurement, monitoring services, licensing and ongoing consultancy. Alternatively, a company may only choose to cover their hardware maintenance under managed IT support and keep other functions in-house.

One of the key characteristics of managed IT support is that the MSP (managed service provider) takes responsibility for delivering and then managing a set of services rather than leaving their client responsible for those services.

Key Benefits of Managed IT Support

  • Simplicity
  • Low-cost access to expert skill
  • Greater flexibility
  • Manageable costs
  • Focus through centralized support

The Evolution of IT Support

IT has changed drastically which has led to a growing need for specialist support services. In the past it was not unusual for a company to either employ an in-house team to handle their support needs or as was often the case, to pay for support on an ad-hoc basis as and when a need arose.

These arrangements pose a number of challenges. First, it can be costly for small to medium organisations to employ in-house IT staff. Salary costs quickly add up and that’s before the costs of training, absence cover and tools are counted. These costs led organisations to turn to ad-hoc support in order access the support they need while hopefully avoiding having to employ a full-time staff member.

Second, break-fix or ad hoc support is by nature entirely reactive. It relies on something going wrong first before finding a solution. Break-fix support tends to result in more downtime, unpredictable costs and greater frustration for both the company needing support and the support provider.

It is difficult for a small number of IT staff or an ad-hoc support engineer to stay ahead of emerging technology trends or to become specialists in specific areas like security. This third challenge and the business case for specialist skill is widely recognised as a major reason for enterprises to turn to outsourced providers.

In addition, many organisations employ their own IT team but find it difficult to cater for a growing number of users, complex networks and

Managed IT Support

These common limitations of traditional support arrangements tend to hold enterprises back and result in a cycle of poorly managed infrastructure, stressed employees and a continual battle against the ever-changing nature of technology.

Managed IT support providers combat these challenges by offering a proactive support solution for a manageable monthly rate.

By supporting a large number of clients, MSPs are able to spread the costs of employing multiple specialist staff between the sites they support, making it cost-effective for their clients to access a whole team of skilled engineers. Their clients gain access to specialist skill and manpower at a fraction of the cost of providing the same level of resource in-house while handing responsibility for their systems to their MSP.

Is it Time to Outsource?

Whether you are a small or large business the less time you spend on essential but time-consuming distractions the more time you have to focus on reaching your goals and equipping your business for the future. You need to know you are covered and that your systems are able to cope with your demands as you grow, and that the cost of achieving this doesn’t prevent you from staying ahead of the curve.

If you are a technology reliant and growth focused firm who recognizes the need for specialist support, it makes sense to outsource this vital business function.

Cost-Effective Support Solutions

iQuda has a proven track record of providing our partners with flexible and cost effective IT support solutions. We cater to small to medium enterprises and provide a wide range of services including fully managed IT support, IT projects, cloud, data and security solutions.

Our partners range from private local enterprises to national charities with over 500 users. In addition to our experience and range of solutions, we are backed by industry-recognised credentials such as ISO 27001, ITIL and NHS Information Governance compliance. Over the years our service has achieved award-recognition on numerous occasions, and we are ranked among the top 40 managed service providers in EMEA and the top 501 globally.

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