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Managed IT Support Options

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We offer a range of managed IT support options for servers, desktops, mobiles & network devices.

All managed IT support services are charged at a flat rate per device, per month. The price includes unlimited support, monitoring & maintenance.


Server Support

• Management, monitoring & support

• Troubleshooting & changes

• Patching & security

Desktop Support

• Management, monitoring & support

• Troubleshooting & maintenance

• Patching & security

Mobile Device Support

• Management, monitoring & support

• Location tracking & remote wiping

• Security policies

Network Support

• Proactive monitoring & security

• Total device management

• Technical support


I’d like to change provider

If you’re thinking of changing provider, why not try our free IT assessment to see if we’re the right fit? If you’re ready to switch, we’ll engage with your current provider and manage the switch for you.

Is everything included?

Our managed IT support options will cover the majority of your support needs. You’ll have unlimited technical support, maintenance, monitoring and ongoing advice.

We don’t include things like new hardware, licensing or major infrastructure changes – but we offer great value on our project services.

Do you charge to support network devices?

If your servers are covered by a support agreement, we won’t charge to support your network devices – they’re covered in the per-device cost. This includes your routers, switches, firewalls and the like.

Can I downgrade my plan?

Yes. It’s easy to add and remove devices as your needs change. You can add or remove devices month by month, and this will be reflected in your agreement cost.

If you replace a supported device, it’ll take the place of the old device with no changes to your bill.

Can I exceed a support limit?

No. We provide unlimited remote, telephone and onsite support – as long as it’s within the terms of your contract. There are no limits to the number of hours of support we’ll provide to you, or the number of calls or tickets you can log.

I’m a charity. Do you offer offer preferential pricing?

Absolutely. If you’re a registered charity, you’ll qualify for reduced support pricing for your servers, desktops and mobiles.

Can I see an example contract?

Absolutely. Please send an email to info@iquda.co.uk or call us on 01442 251 514. We’ll happily provide you with an example contract and any other info you need.

Do you sell IT equipment and software?

Yes we do. We supply a wide range of IT equipment and licenses from leading suppliers. We can handle all your procurement and licensing needs for you – or you’re free to source products elsewhere if you prefer.

Are your services fixed fee?

All our managed IT support options are fixed-fee. It’s easy to predict and control your IT spend with no hidden surprises. We’ll only ever increase the cost of your bill if we’re supporting more devices than you started with.

Do you offer remote support?

Our managed IT support options include unlimited remote support from 8am-6pm Monday to Friday.

Do you offer telephone support?

Unlimited telephone support is covered. As long as the device is covered by your agreement, you’re good to go.

Is onsite support included with managed IT support?

You won’t pay more for onsite support. We resolve over 90% of issues remotely, but our onsite team is on hand to help when we can’t solve an issue remotely – at no extra charge.

If you need onsite support at scheduled times – we can build it into your agreement.

What are your payment terms?

We’re able to offer most companies 30-day payment terms by Direct Debit. Please speak to an advisor for more information.

Do you offer discounts for longer contracts?

The longer your contract, the more you save. We offer excellent value when you sign-up for 3 years or more. Thanks to our excellent value, we’ve worked with many clients for almost a decade.

What's the minimum contract length?

12 months is our minimum managed IT support contract length. But, if you’re not happy with our service in the first 3 months you can cancel with no questions asked.

What's the minimum devices you'll support?

20 devices is the minimum number we will support, but we’ll support up to 650 at any site. We happily support servers, desktops or mobiles.