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iQuda is a specialist IT cyber security solutions provider located in Maylands Business Park, Hemel Hempstead. We help commercial enterprises and charities to stay secure in the fast-changing cyber security landscape. We help companies overcome complex cyber security threats and prepare your IT systems for success. iQuda can help you:

  • Stop attacks
  • Iron-out weaknesses
  • Secure your network
  • Overcome attacks
  • Maintain a secure and agile workforce

We are experts at cyber security and have helped a wide range of businesses prevent and recover from even the most complex attacks. Our team can help you source the right solution for your business, or manage your cyber security solution from start to finish.

Data Protection and Continuity

Protect your business-critical information with assurance your data can be recovered quickly. Our data protection solutions ring-fence your data and lock out attacks from all sides. Multiple layers of security help ensure your data is fully-recoverable, so you’re always confident about tomorrow.

Threat Detection and Prevention

We offer innovative threat detection and monitoring with automated alerting to keep your servers, mobiles, and workstations secure. Potential attacks are highlighted and resolved before they can impact your network – ensuring your systems are always one step ahead.

User Access Management

Giving access to the right people and keeping the wrong ones out is paramount to robust information security. We offer fully-managed user access management to help streamline access rights allocation, revocation, and review.

Compliance Management

Our compliance expertise spans the cyber security spectrum. We have extensive experience with leading security standards such as ISO 27001, NHS Information Governance and Cyber Essentials. Whether you’re working towards compliance or preparing for your next audit – we’ll help ensure your systems are compliant and configured according to best-practice.

Cloud Security

We can help ensure your cloud based systems, applications and data are secure from emerging global security threats. Our cloud security solutions offer multi-layer protection that works for your business.

IT Security Consulting

Sometimes it helps to have an extra pair of eyes on your systems. Our consultancy team is here to help with any cyber security issue – big or small. Decades of practical experience ensures our service is time-tested and proven.

Managed Antivirus Protection 

We offer fully-managed antivirus endpoint protection to cover all servers, workstations and mobile devices. Our team manages your licenses, subscriptions, and workstations as part of the service – ensuring you’re always covered.

Managed Networks

Our outsourced network management solutions place your systems in expert hands. We keep a close watch on all aspects of maintenance, monitoring, and management to guarantee you’re always protected. Discuss your needs with an advisor today for more information.

Web Filtering

Govern Internet access, downloads and browsing rights by user, department or workstation. Our web filtering solutions give you complete control over Internet access throughout your network. We help ensure your users have appropriate access and can help combat against Internet-based security threats, viruses, Trojans, and ransomware.


iQuda is ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials Certified. We also comply with sector-specific regulations such as NHS Information Governance. These certifications ensure we are up to date with globally recognised best-practice, and that we are always one step ahead.

Whether you comply with the above, are working towards compliance or simply recognise the value best-practice can offer – we’re here to help.

Local People, Global Reach

We’re a passionate local business that works with a range of small to medium enterprises primarily in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, and London. Many of our clients are local enterprises whereas others operate in global locations like Hong Kong, Dubai, and the United States.

We deliver all our services in-house – giving you a single point of contact for all your IT needs.

Multi-Award Winning Service

Our expertise and commitment to outstanding service have been recognised by a number of awarding bodies. iQuda was voted “Best Professional Services 2017” and in the same year ranked among the top 501 global managed service providers.

Leading Tools and Infrastructure

Our expert team is supported by market-leading tools that enable streamlined IT management. We’ve invested in superior tools to ensure your systems are as efficient and well-managed as possible – and you’re always a step ahead of your competition.

What is Cyber Security?

Cyber security involves the systems, processes and policies that help you keep your infrastructure, data and ultimately your business safe against cyber criminals. A robust cyber security strategy will ensure you can overcome attacks and prevent interruption, data loss and extortion.

Why is Cyber Security so Important?

In the last few years alone, there have been many high-profile cyber security incidents. Giants such as the NHS have fallen victim to targeted attacks. These attacks cause significant service disruption and lead to widespread panic. Worst of all they could have been avoided by taking simple, preventative steps.

Businesses that fall victim to an attack can face lengthy delays and service discontinuation. In some cases, regulatory bodies can fine the company responsible for failing to take appropriate preventative measures.

At iQuda we believe that proactively is the key to staying safe. We build your defnces from the ground up and incorporate multi-layer security that consists of robust systems, best-practice and resilient policies. The Government-backed Cyber Essentials Scheme also promotes this ethos.

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To discuss your requirements, please contact us today on 01442 251 514 and we’ll be more than happy to help you find an appropriate solution.

Our Head Office is located in Maylands Business Park, Hemel Hempstead. Why not pop in for a visit and see our team in action? Contact us today to book a visit.

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