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IT Support for Charities

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IT Support for Charities

We deliver all-inclusive IT support for charities, uniquely tailored to third sector organisations. Whether you’re seeking a fully-outsourced solution or simply need support for a specific function or project, we can help you. Our skilled engineers remove IT hassle so you can focus on reaping the benefits that technology has to offer. With a UK-based technical support help desk, a team of onsite engineers and a range of IT specialisms, we offer a full-service solution for organisations of all sizes. We currently support a number of prominent charities such as hospices, special interest groups, community interest groups and community action charities.

IT should facilitate your ability to reach more stakeholders and improve the way you interact with your communities. iQuda bridges the gap between the performance of your technology and your ability to work efficiently, giving you more time to focus on what really matters. Through proactive management of all your systems, networks and devices, we improve how your IT works for you. We provide your charity with a single point of contact to centralise all your IT needs, and we manage your IT to deliver tangible results for your organisation.

We focus on delivering expert IT support for charities without losing our human touch. Recognised by a number of customer-service awards, our user-friendly team focus on resolving IT issues with an emphasis on quality of service. All services come with service level agreements (SLAs) so you are always confident about the support you receive.

All-inclusive support

For organisations looking to outsource all IT support, maintenance and management.

Complementary Support

Additional support delivered in partnership with internal IT teams, managers and directors.


Outcome-driven IT projects including Wi-Fi solutions, cloud-migration, and relocation.

IT Services

Data, Internet, disaster recovery, help desk support and more – we cater for every aspect of corporate IT.

“I am happy to confirm that the service we have received from iQuda has been excellent. We have a good working relationship, and iQuda has responded quickly to crises.The team has a friendly, reassuring and professional manner, and deal with problems and queries quickly and competently. I do not hesitate to recommend iQuda as an IT support services supplier.”

Director of Finance, Hospice Sector

How Can We Help You?



  • Remote support
  • Help desk support
  • Technical support
  • Managed connectivity
  • Fully-managed IT support
  • Onsite support
  • Network support
  • Server support
  • Support for mobile devices
  • Application support


  • Cloud
  • Email
  • Data solutions
  • Disaster recovery
  • Corporate and Public Wi-Fi
  • Networking
  • 24 hour IT support
  • 24 hour monitoring
  • Procurement
  • Licensing
  • Software


  • Anti-Virus Protection
  • Anti-Malware
  • Email Filtering
  • Firewalls
  • Encryption
  • 2-factor authentication
  • Cybersecurity
  • Risk management
  • Network security
  • Monitoring
  • Group Policy


  • ITIL
  • ISO 27001
  • NHS Information Governance (IGSoC)
  • Consulting
  • Strategic guidance
  • Best practice

Case Study

A community-based charity focused on supporting the local community approached iQuda to help transform their IT infrastructure.


A local charity approached iQuda due to frustrations with their current IT infrastructure. Emails were going missing, data storage was increasingly difficult to manage, and their IT policies were inconsistently implemented. Multiple machines were not domained resulting in an inability to centrally manage workstations across the organisation. There was no central solution in place to manage document storage and as a result, users were unable to quickly access the information needed to effectively deliver their community-based services.

Their endpoints and networks across multiple sites were improperly managed and the charity was growing increasingly frustrated with their IT infrastructure.In short, their estate had become difficult to manage which increasingly impacted their ability to work efficiently.

iQuda engaged with the charity under a managed IT support agreement, with iQuda becoming their single IT support provider.


Centralised device management was implemented so all devices across the network can be managed via a single management console. New devices can now be quickly domained and new printers can be rolled out to all machines within minutes rather than hours. As a result, the entire network can be centrally managed and the organisation has full oversight of all their devices.

The organisation was migrated to Office 365 and all settings configured. The new, cloud-based email system required no additional hardware and no substantial upfront software costs. Office 365 was configured to facilitate shared mailboxes and shared calenders, meaning that information sharing and event management is far more streamlined. Users can now access their emails from any location and across all devices including mobile phones and tablets. Their emails are no longer going missing and email costs are spread out across low monthly payments.The customer needed to be able to send and receive

The customer needed to be able to send and receive email during the migration to Office 365. iQuda managed to implement a managed switch-over process where users could access their old email inboxes before, during and after the switchover. The seamless transition to cloud-based email took place with practically zero downtime, and no need to implement any costly hardware. iQuda also helped the organisation to leverage substantial charity discounts available from Microsoft, meaning that less money goes towards operating costs and instead goes towards their community projects.

An outdated, legacy-based server was blue screening and had insufficient anti-virus protection.  This was replaced with a single host server securely stored in a new storage rack. All their old software was replaced with a new Windows operating system, with a managed backup solution in place. Their new server infrastructure is now stable and their business continuity processes improved through our backup solution

Our management software was installed throughout the estate, giving our help desk support team the ability to remotely manage all devices across their network. As a result of centralised management, we catch failures before they occur and manage their infrastructure far more proactively.


The charity now benefits from a streamlined network and all their IT requirements taken care of. They boast dramatically improved uptime and increased efficiency as a result of properly managed infrastructure. The charity is equipped with unlimited remote, help desk and technical support for unparalleled assistance during office hours. Their infrastructure is professionally managed in line with best practice, and their IT has never been more efficient.

As a result of our solution, the charity is able to focus on what really matters, safe in the knowledge that all their IT is taken care of. No more time is spent implementing short-term fixes to long-term problems, and the charity has more time to spend on their community causes.

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