September 2017 Service KPIs

September saw continued success on the iQuda service desk. The team increased their same-day ticket resolution rate despite a 7% increase in the total number of tickets closed. At only 6 seconds, our average call wait time remains well above the target. Well done team!

September KPIs

98.58% SLA Resolution Met
2043 Reactive Tickets Closed
78% Same-Day Resolution
6 Second Average Call Wait Time

August KPIs

98.84% SLA Resolution Met
1915 Reactive Tickets Closed
77% Same-Day Resolution
6 Second Average Call Wait Time

Continual Improvement

Despite the service desks continued success, we are eager to get even better. CEO Stephen Macintosh is working closely with the service desk to identify exciting improvements that will drive up performance and ensure we improve continually.

Stephen is also overseeing an overhaul of the proactive department to ensure we continue to work as proactively as possible. Proactive improvements are a major contributor to the overall health and performance of client networks, and the proactive team are vital in enabling us to demonstrate the “iQuda difference”.

A Big Year

2017 has been a big year for the company. In May the iQuda premises doubled in size with the acquisition of a neighbouring building, and our staff complement has also increased to cater for growth. A number of new clients came on board over the summer period, and our new team members are here to enable further growth in upcoming months.

iQuda Managing Director Anthony Jones said: “We’re witnessing increased demand for a wide variety of IT solutions such as compliance, security and cloud-based infrastructure. We’re diversifying the iQuda team and creating new departments to ensure we can meet the ever-evolving needs of the market both today and in future.”


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