iQuda November 2017 Service KPIs

November saw our average customer satisfaction rate rise while all other metrics were more or less maintained. Most notably the number of reactive tickets closed fell from 2296 in October to 1954 in November. This reflects our increased focus on proactive work which is an ongoing process.

November was another good month at iQuda. In the run-up to Christmas, we are reflecting on many positive changes this year. In 2017 the team has improved across many service metrics. Despite an increase in the number of endpoints we support, our SLA resolution metrics have remained constant at over 90% month on month.
November saw a slight decrease in SLA resolution met and our same day resolution rate, however, these figures remain well above target. The figures for November 2017 are as follows:

November 2017 Service KPIs

94.24% Customer Satisfaction
97.62% SLA Resolution Met
1954 Reactive Tickets Closed
73% Same Day Resolution
6 Second Average Call Wait

October 2017 Service KPIs

93.83% Customer Satisfaction
98.61% SLA Resolution Met
2296 Reactive Tickets Closed
76% Same Day Resolution
6 Second Average Call Wait

Customer satisfaction

Our new customer satisfaction tool has officially been in action for almost six months. This has been an excellent investment in helping us promote continuous improvement across the board.
We’ve had great results since the tool was launched. Our average satisfaction rating has never fallen below 93%. This is a testament to the hard work our team puts in on daily basis and we’re proud of their efforts across the board.

New Service Administrator

Further investment is being made to improve our service further. In early December we welcome a new service administrator to the team. Michele will be the first point of contact for emails, calls, and queries. Her role is focused on streamlining support and resource allocation to ensure our service is as effective as possible.
Michele’s role is the first of it’s kind at iQuda, and we look forward to seeing the difference she makes.

New Systems

We have invested in a wide range of new tools throughout 2017. Notable investments include new Remote Management and Monitoring Systems (RMM), enhanced reporting tools and customer feedback mechanisms.
In November, we began trialing a new Network Infrastructure Management tool. The new tool allows rapid infrastructure management through a ‘single pane of glass’. The trials have so far been successful and the tool will be fully integrated in coming weeks.

Stay Tuned for Further Updates

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