iQuda June 2017 Service KPIs

June saw a month of sterling performance on the service desk. All metrics improved substantially, particularly call wait time which decreased from 16 to only 7 seconds. The service desk are forging forward with the help of recent management changes.

June 2017 Service KPIs

iQuda June 2017 Service KPIs

Congratulations are in order for fantastic performance improvements in June. While we closed the same number of reactive tickets in May and June, our SLA and same-day resolution both improved in June. The biggest achievement of the month was reducing our average call wait time by more than 50%, from 16 to 7 seconds.

These improvements follow a number of recent management changes. The service desk team are now being lead by Jay, who joined the company in the past year. Jay is integrally involved in day-to-day service delivery and is well positioned to understand the dynamics of the service desk.

How We Did in May

iQuda May 2017 Service KPIs

iQuda May 2017 Service KPIs

Moving Forward

The team is tasked with improving their KPIs month to month. As a front-of-house help desk, the service desk is key to iQuda delivering a responsive, professional service.

“Service is a top priority,” said Stephen Macintosh, CEO, “…it’s what sets us apart in the industry. We’re committed to going above and beyond customer expectations. The service desk is key to this objective.”

Until Next Month

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