iQuda July 2017 Service KPIs

The iQuda service desk continued to thrive in July, delivering unparalleled performance against all SLAs. Same day resolution increased 3 alongside continued success against call wait time targets, down 50% on May this year.

July saw a good performance on the service desk, with the team continuing to deliver against all predefined targets and quotas. Significant achievements include a 50% reduction in call wait time on May this year and a 3% improvement on the number of requests resolved on the day of receipt.

July KPIs

  • 98.34% SLA Resolution Met
  • 76% Same Day Resolution
  • 1479 Reactive Tickets Closed
  • 8 Second Average Call Wait

The total volume of reactive tickets resolved dropped by 158, demonstrating dividends of an increased focus on proactive work. The team are tasked with reducing our reactive ticket volume to as low a figure as possible, striving to complete as much work proactively as possible.

SLA resolution dropped 1.13% however this figure remains at record highs.

June KPIs

  • 99.47% SLA Resolution Met
  • 1637 Reactive Tickets Closed
  • 73% Same Day Resolutions
  • 7 Second Average Call Wait

New Metrics

Additional metrics are now being measured, thanks to a recent investment in new client feedback mechanisms. The new feature allows clients to leave a rating of “Good”, “OK” or “Bad” after a service ticket closes.

30 days after introduction, the service desk boasts a 98% rolling average on the highest possible feedback rating, with no negative feedback. The remaining 2% comes from “OK” ratings.

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