iQuda August 2017 Service KPIs

August was another sterling month on the iQuda service desk. The team improved across all metrics measured by responding faster, closing more tickets on the day of receipt, and resolving tickets faster despite an overall increase in the volume of tickets and calls received. Well done!

August KPIs

  • 98.84% SLA Resolution Met
  • 1915 Reactive Tickets Closed
  • 77% Same-Day Resolution
  • 6 Second Average Call Wait Time

July KPIs:

  • 98.34% SLA Resolution Met
  • 1479 Reactive Tickets Closed
  • 76% Same-Day Resolutions
  • 8 Second Average Call Wait Time

Looking back, the team has come a long way. In November 2016 our average call time wait time hovered at 25 seconds- today we’re answering calls 75% quicker. In July the team brought this figure down to 8 seconds and improved again this month.

Service Improvements

These results come after a number of recent changes to the service desk. CEO Stephen Macintosh is working in partnership with interim Service Manager Jay Birkett to improve our service process through measures such as training, new procedure and regular service review. We are also in the process of recruiting a number of new staff, some of which are already operational. Recruitment will continue in upcoming months as we expand, increasing our capacity and allowing us to respond to our client’s needs even more proactively.

Customer Satisfaction

We also recently implemented a customer satisfaction collection mechanism which has also produced excellent during its first month. In August our overall satisfaction rating came out at 99.24% for the month: an amazing result for the team.

2017 has been a year of major change at iQuda and we are happy to see the results of our investment paying dividends. Going forward we are committed to finding new ways to continually improve the service we provide to our clients and exceed their expectations each time we interact.


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