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Our expert hospice cyber security solutions help hospices stay secure, protect patient data and ensure compliance to promote hospice excellence

Hospice Cyber Security Solutions

Cyber security is a growing global risk. Malicious attacks can be particularly detrimental to hospices due to the confidential and sensitive nature of patient data.

Enhanced Protection

We offer a wide range of hospice cyber security solutions. Whether you are looking to improve security through a single solution or project or to achieve a complete security transformation, we can help.



iQuda supports more hospices than any other provider in the South of England (and potentially even the UK). We have worked closely with hospices since 2010 and since then our team has developed a deep understanding of hospice technology requirements.

24/7 Solutions

Hospice care is not restricted by business hours, and care and support is often delivered around the clock. While our main office hours are 08.00-18.00 Monday to Friday, we also cater to 24/7 environments by offering 24-hour support solutions. Our hospice clients benefit from unrestricted access to support whenever and wherever a need arises.


Multi-Location Operations

Most hospices have an in-patient unit, one or more head offices, distribution warehouses, and numerous retail outlets. For the hospices we currently support, we cover all their locations, providing a mixture of remote and onsite services as required.

NHS IGSoC Compliant

We are fully-compliant with NHS Information Governance Requirements – our IG Toolkit score is 100%. In addition to remaining compliant within our environment, we advise and support hospices with their day to day compliance needs.


ISO 27001 Certified

We hold ISO 27001 certification from a UKAS accredited firm of auditors and apply this global security standard to the clients we support. If you are thinking about pursuing certification or implementing best practice, our extensive experience is at your service.

Our Cyber Security Solutions

Our cyber security solutions give hospices complete peace of mind. We are experienced across the security spectrum and cater for both high-level compliance and strategy services right down to user-awareness and mobile device security.

Hospice Anti-Virus Solutions

Installing and managing an anti-virus product isn’t too complex if you only have a few devices to worry about. Things become more complex when the volume and variety of your devices changes frequently and you have no single portal through which to manage your anti-virus coverage as is often the case for hospices.

We provide fully-managed anti-virus solutions that offer full coverage at competitive prices. We manage your subscription, installation and activation for you to keep you covered at all times.

Security Assessments

Our hospice security assessments provide executive-level network insights to help you understand your current position and identify gaps that leave you exposed. We offer a wide range of assessments to combat specific areas (e.g. firewall security) or as an in-depth scan covering all network areas (e.g. brute force attacks, security policy consistency).

Our assessments are carried out at your premises by our qualified team. We provide you with a non-disclosure and confidentiality agreement for peace of mind. At the end of the assessment, you’ll receive detailed reports with clear and impartial recommendations to action yourself or with help from our team.


We offer firewall selection, implementation and management services to prevent threats from first entering your network. We would advise our managed IT support service if you require a fully-managed and monitoring service, as this solution includes unlimited security management.


Encryption is key to protect data stored on your devices in the event of theft or unauthorized access. Our encryption services are used extensively by hospices who rely on iQuda to protect their servers, desktops and mobile devices. Encryption is carried out according to global best-practice with token management advice included.

2-Factor Authentication

User access is a major component of a secure network and a key factor for your cyber security strategy. Giving your users quick yet secure access is vital to ensuring you operate with secure efficiency. We offer a wide range of authentication solutions to cover devices, portals and specific applications with 2-factor and token authentication.

Web Filtering

Our web filtering solutions offer enhanced browsing controls to prevent illicit and dangerous sites being accessed in your organisation. All our applications are fully-customisable by user, profile or device to allow you full control over all browsing activity within your workplace. Our solution is used extensively within hospices who wish to restrict browsing by department (e.g. social media) while allowing other employees and patient to browse more freely.

We offer a range of solutions from global providers such as CISCO (OpenDNS).

Network Security

Robust network security consists of multiple levels of hardware, software, policy and procedure. Our solutions build from ground level to ensure your network can defend against existing and emerging global information threats.

We offer a range of network security solutions such as fully-managed support and network monitoring as well as consultancy work and network projects.

Network Monitoring

Spot issues before they emerge and stay on top of trends with predictive network monitoring and analysis. We offer 24/7 network monitoring to cover all network devices with advanced threat detection, performance management and centralized management.


Our expert consultants offer decades of practical experience to your organisation. We are able to advise on all areas of strategic IT use, adoption and management to help you stay ahead of the digital curve. Whether you’re looking to reduce your IT costs or equip a mobile workforce – our team have a proven track record of achieving tangible results for hospices around the UK.

Book A Free IT & Cyber Security Review

Harness executive-level insights and stay ahead of the digital curve with our free IT and cyber security review. Our free review serves to introduce iQuda and demonstrate our offering with no initial commitment giving you a risk-free, honest insight into our multi-award winning offering.

Scope of Operation

Our head office is based in Hemel Hempstead. We are well located next to major transport links which give us quick access to surrounding areas. Our current hospice clients are primarily based in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, and London but we do cater to many other organisations outside this area. For more information about

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