Managed Cyber Security Services

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A Robust and Fully-Managed Cyber Security Solution

Our managed cyber security services focus on keeping your network, users, and data safe against compromise. We use industry-leading tools to proactively monitor, manage and maintain your systems for maximum protection. Our services are uniquely tailored to meet your specific needs – whether it’s a single solution or enterprise-grade services.


Streamlined Security

Cyber security management can be a minefield. Despite an increase in high profile attacks (the WannaCry ransomware cause huge disruption the NHS), many firms are struggling to stay ahead of the curve. Our managed cyber security services streamline security management to ensure you’re safe, compliant and able to overcome targeted attacks.

Complete Management

iQuda offers managed security services to combat single areas such as firewalls or filtering, as well as umbrella services to cover all network areas. Our dedicated team of cyber security experts are solely focused on defending you no matter what cybercriminals throw your way.

Global Intelligence

As a certified service provider, we ensure a well-rounded and comprehensive approach to cyber security. We work in line with expert best-practice, including the Government-backed Cyber Essentials scheme. iQuda also ISO 27001 certified and complies with NHS Information Governance.

 Multi-Layer Protection

Our managed cyber security services provide a complete solution with multiple layers of protection. This ensures your infrastructure, data, applications, and users are kept safe. We also provide comprehensive consultancy, planning and strategic direction to help stay ahead of the curve.

Our entire ethos is focused on allowing you to focus on your core business with minimal distraction from complex but important IT issues. As your outsourcing partner, we simply take care of IT for you.

 What we offer:

  • Managed antivirus solutions
  • Network management, monitoring, and maintenance
  • Firewall management and monitoring
  • Proactive 24/7 monitoring and automated alerting
  • Fully-managed data backups and secure storage
  • Managed authentication services including 2-factor authentication
  • Security consultancy
  • Security transformation services including redesign and reconfiguration
  • Incident management and response
  • Secure wireless solutions including segmented private, public and testing networks
  • User awareness, training and continual improvement
  • Disaster recovery planning, system design, and ongoing maintenance
  • Cloud-based security including market-leading third-party applications
  • Real-time intelligent email filtering and predictive threat alerting
  • Governance and managed cybersecurity compliance services
  • Cyber Essentials consultancy, implementation, and management
  • Bespoke cybersecurity processes, procedures, and policies
  • Cybersecurity endpoint management
  • Access control and privilege management services e.g. Microsoft Active Directory
  • Intelligent Internet filtering based on user-by-user privileges
  • Security access controls and password management systems
  • Secure remote and mobile working solutions
  • Consistent security policy management and ongoing maintenance

Forward Thinking

iQuda’s unique position as a niche-provider ensures a highly-customised and proactive solution to cyber security. Although we work with many industry-leading solutions like Cisco and Microsoft, our focus is on implementing and managing technologies to work for your specific needs.

By providing all our services in-house, we are able to ensure a single line of responsibility for your systems. Our in-house monitoring team keep a close watch on business-critical systems and applications, responding to threats as soon as they reach your network. Our proactive team works behind the scenes to predict attacks and implement ongoing fixes to keep you in control.

Our Control Centre

Our head office in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire is the control centre and main hub for our managed cyber security services. The service floor is fitted-out with state of the art monitoring display boards which feed live information directly to the service team. Business critical systems are monitored in real-time and automated alerts provide millisecond updates of emerging threats and Internet incidents.

Our bespoke systems give the team a unique edge. Rather than waiting for you to call us, in most cases we detect and resolve potential issues before you’re aware of them.

Sectors we Work With

We work closely with firms from the commercial, charity, healthcare and education sectors. Our specialist focus allows us to respond directly to our clients needs whether they are technical, industry-specific or compliance related.

We also hold a number of relevant certifications in response to the specific needs of clients in the healthcare sector. For example, we are fully-compliant with NHS Information Governance and currently hold the highest possible level of compliance.


For more information please call our dedicated team on 01442 251 514. We’ll happily provide you with a no-obligation quote, information about our services or details of our free introductory Cyber Security review.

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