Cloud Backup Solutions

Secure business data, ensure business continuity & comply with Data Protection with our enterprise-grade cloud backup solutions

Computer Backup Solutions

Lost data can have a severe and long-lasting impact. A reliable data backup is an important subset of your information securitydisaster recovery and business continuity strategy. Our cloud backup solutions offer enhanced protection to secure your data against compromise.

UK-Based Hosting

Our solutions deliver up to 99.9% uptime availability and encryption to ensure complete protection of your data. Our data centre is monitored 24/7 and managed in line with ISO 27001.

  • Secure hosting
  • Managed cloud backup solutions
  • Expert cloud data team
  • Scalable support

Data Integrity

Our cloud backup solutions are designed for unparalleled integrity. We offer a range of solutions to cater for data of any size, and offer low monthly fees and scalability to cater for your needs as you grow. Our backup solutions are customised to run at scheduled intervals, either manually or automatically and include success/failure reports to keep you in control.


Scalable & Flexible

Cloud backups require no costly hardware that you’ll outgrow and need to replace as your business grows. We offer flexible storage options for simple yet effective data loss prevention and excellent retention policies to enhance business continuity.



Our cloud backup solutions automatically encrypt your data upon transfer to guarantee against compromise. Whether you’re storing your backups in-house or in our data centre, we place security at the core of our solutions.


Low Maintenance

After initial configuration, our cloud backups require minimal ongoing maintenance. We offer reporting capability and fully-managed solutions to simplify data management within your organisation.


Cloud Backup Features

Our solutions offer enhanced protection to secure your data and allow rapid recovery in the event of data loss.

Rapid Setup

No costly investment is required to get started and setup is quick and simple. Our team are available to install and test your cloud backup for you. All software is included and space allocated and charged according to your requirements ensuring you never encounter any unexpected costs.


24 Hour Monitoring

Our in-house cloud backup team proactively monitor your backup to ensure your data is never compromised. Reports are sent direct to your inbox to notify you your backup has been successful and our team manually test backups at scheduled intervals to check for inconsistencies.

All Requirements Catered For

Our solutions cater for every data requirement. Whether you are looking to secure your documents or you looking to backup multiple servers with complex configurations, we will help you find a solution that works for you.

Our team offer backup installation, configuration and testing on all cloud backup products. By placing your data in professional hands you’re leaving nothing to chance. At all times, we work to guarantee your peace of mind and ensure that your confidentiality is maintained.

Key Benefits

  • Secure storage and transfer
  • Automated or manual backups available
  • Data encrypted to global standards
  • Excellent fault tolerance
  • Multi-factor security
  • Testing and monitoring available