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“I am writing to recommend the services of iQuda Ltd, which has provided a managed IT support service to the Hospice since October 2011. Services provided include network monitoring and management, offsite disaster recovery and backups, maintenance of antivirus protection and full site maintenance. iQuda also provides a private leased broadband line. In addition, iQuda has undertaken several IT projects for the Hospice, including overseeing the cabling of the offices. 

In 2011, the IT infrastructure at the Hospice was unreliable. We currently have a strong and stable IT network, using up to date technology, and this improvement has been brought about by iQuda helping us to plan for our needs and advising on investment.

We are satisfied with the service provided by iQuda. The helpdesk is responsive and normally resolves issues quickly and efficiently. When issues cannot be resolved quickly, there is an effective escalation procedure. I personally also appreciate the direct contact I have with iQuda’s senior staff, who are willing to be contacted, and to provide advice on a range of IT issues and concerns. 

I am happy to recommend the services of iQuda.”

Friendly, Reassuring and Professional

“Since 2011, iQuda has provided maintenance and  IT support for all Hospice IT systems.

The services iQuda currently provides us include:

  • Maintenance of the network, switches, servers and approximately 150 PCs.
  • Managing Hospice broadband connections
  • Installing, upgrading and updating software and hardware as necessary 
  • A technical support helpline in normal working hours
  • Quick escalation of support for problems which cannot be resolved remotely
  • Onsite support as needed 
  • Offsite backups and disaster recovery
  • Specific projects, currently including remote and mobile working and upgrading the Hospice Wi-Fi
  • Sourcing hardware and software as required 
  • Technical strategic advice and planning

I am happy to confirm that the service we have received from iQuda has been excellent. We have a good working relationship, and iQuda has responded quickly to crises. The team has a friendly, reassuring and professional manner, and deal with problems and queries quickly and competently. I do not hesitate to recommend iQuda as an IT support services supplier.”


“We have been using iQuda for all our IT support since November 2011. We have a fully managed IT support contract with them which includes:

  • Proactively monitoring our computer hardware and software remotely.
  • Fault fixing either remotely or onsite (if necessary and all part of the contract). We have had one failure that necessitated onsite presence and they had us up and running in approximately 1.5 hours.
  • Providing technical support for all staff working both from these premises and our 13 retail locations.
  • We are increasingly using them to supply all our hardware requirements and for software upgrades as they come up.

I can happy say that we are very happy with the service we receive from iQuda. They send me a weekly update of outstanding issues and these are normally dealt with in a timely manner. I would recommend them as an IT support provider.”

Very happy

“I can happily say that we are very happy with the service we receive from iQuda. They send me a weekly update of outstanding issues and these are normally dealt with in a timely manner. I would recommend them as an IT support provider.” 


“This was not just good service but outstanding as you were fully aware that I was not an expert in this field and your advice was essential. It is clearly obvious that you are run by a team who are all willing to discuss and answer questions and therefore create an atmosphere not found elsewhere.”

A Company Without an Equal

“In my experience in the industry, they are a company without an equal. It appears iQuda have a different work ethic than any of their predecessors or competitors, long may it last”

Recommended 5* for Service

“A fine team of professionals – helped us loads over the years. Recommended 5* for service.”

Extra Mile in Customer Service

“Will do everything to contact me – phone, e-mail to advise re resolved or discuss further, they go the extra mile in customer service”

Professional, Friendly and Approachable

“I have been a client of iQuda for approximately 10 years. I have been very pleased with their service and if for whatever reason there have been any issues, they have always been satisfactorily resolved by the team or the director Anthony Jones. 

There have been instances where IT issues have been dealt with out of office hours and indeed out of our contract, but Anthony will do his best to go over and beyond ensuring our business is back up and running. I think Anthony and his team are professional, friendly and approachable and would have no hesitation in recommending their services to another potential client.”

Excellent Response

“Just wanted to thank you for your excellent response to our recent IT failure and to give you some positive feedback on how iQuda responded.

On arrival into the office on the morning of Thursday 29th June, we noticed that we had no phone or Internet connection. We reported the failure to iQuda at 9am and the fault was diagnosed as being the switching console. An engineer came out with a temporary replacement and by 11am we were back up and running. A new switching console was ordered and was then fitted on Friday 30th June.

All in all it was a very good response and our downtime was limited to only 2hrs.

Many thanks.”


Accuracy, proactiveness, helpfulness, resolution times, knowledge and response time…I would add consistency in professional service; I never have to worry or follow up anything I submit to iQuda – fantastic team, and service. Thanks!”

High-Quality Service

During the past year we have been working with iQuda as our IT provider on numerous projects. They have supported a complete transformation to upgrade our entire IT architecture to make it fit for purpose and fully compliant. iQuda provides an ongoing support service that includes a helpdesk and the maintenance of all our systems.

The service is very responsive and they offer a high-quality service. We have always found the team to be extremely helpful in their guidance and advice and they are always very professional and courteous whether it is in person or on the telephone.”


“iQuda has provided a maintenance service for all of our IT equipment, something we have relied upon when technical issues arise. We have found iQuda to be proactive in suggesting ways for us to take advantage of new IT products and services.”

No Hesitation

“Over the past 9 months, 4 technical experts specialising in LANs have between them spent a total of 4 days on the problem but none have succeeded in solving it. iQuda achieved it in an hour! I have no hesitation in using iQuda again for repairs and will recommend it to my friends and contacts.”

Trustworthy and Forward-Thinking

“We commenced using iQuda in March 2014. Originally it was to provide server support, and off-site backup mainly, as well as assist with larger ad hoc I.T. projects. In December 2014, we also began using iQuda for remote I.T. help desk support, whilst still retaining our I.T. Technician.

We have found iQuda to be responsive, trustworthy and forward thinking. Issues that we have had in the past with an unstable network, failure of UPS, structure of our network and inability to support the amount of people we have on site, have now disappeared.

They are always suggesting ways we can improve things, they have taken a huge burden off our shoulders, and they are always proactive. The staff we see on site from time to time are polite, friendly and approachable. They are transparent in their costings, fair and reasonable. We therefore, based on our experience to date, have no hesitation in recommending them.

For reference we have approximately 100 staff and 400 students. Most members of staff have a PC, we have a whole host of printers and photocopiers, 50 iPads and approximately 80 laptops. Our I.T. teaching is done using laptops and a wireless network.”

One Step Ahead

“We have been using iQuda for all of our IT and communication system maintenance for the last three years.

iQuda takes care of all aspects of our IT needs, including the following:

  • Supplying all our computer hardware – including all servers and desktop machines.
  • Supplying and installing our software.
  • Monitoring and maintaining all of our computer hardware and software remotely – any faults are fixed as they occur and most of the time we don’t even notice that there was a problem as it has been put right before it can interrupt our working day.
  • Repairing any computer hardware that fails.
  • Providing all technical support for all my staff working from both our office in Hemel Hempstead and remotely within UK and within Europe.

I can happily say that the service we have received from iQuda has been excellent. They always have a friendly yet professional approach to dealing with problems and deal with them in a timely manner. As we have grown over the past three years, iQuda has always been one step ahead with our systems – we never have to worry about them.”

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