iQuda April 2017 Service KPIs
Service KPIs April 2017

April 2017 Service KPIs

The service desk did well in April and we’re confident that we’re on track. Despite a small increase in some areas, our overall metrics remain competitive. Our ability to meet SLAs at a consistent rate of over 99% is a huge achievement. Well done, and let’s make next month even better!

Total Requests

April was another good month for the IT help desk team. Following a busy month in March, the total number of requests we resolved fell from 1829 to 1401. This reflects an increased focus on proactive work, which means our clients experienced fewer issues overall in April.


We met our SLA agreements in 99.56% of cases. This is a 0.01% increase on last month meaning we are still on target.

Same Day Close

Our same day close rate fell by 2% from 78-76%. We’re working to improve on this statistic and are excited to announce that 3 new staff will join us in coming months. We are due to welcome 1 proactive team member and 2 new service desk engineers. More feet on the ground will allow us to reduce the time our clients wait and we hope to improve on this statistic in coming months. Despite the fall, we’re still proud that our service is above the industry average.

Call Wait Time

Our call wait time increased from 14 to 16 seconds last month. The service desk is aware of the need to reduce this figure and we hope that our new team members will help reduce this figure. A new call menu is currently in the works which will relieve some pressure on the service desk. By routeing calls more effectively we aim to produce a quicker path to support so callers spend less time waiting to connect to the right person.

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