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Onboarding Process

Our onboarding process demonstrates our approach to bringing your devices safely under management.

Our Onboarding Process

Our onboarding process streamlines your transition into our support engine. We aim to make the process simple, with as little downtime as possible.

The onboarding process begins with a thorough review of your IT setup. We highlight your pain points and support requirements by consulting with you and understanding your business. From there, we welcome your team onboard and start the process of installing our remote IT management tools. This usually involves thorough site documentation of your passwords, vendors and license numbers, which ensures we have the information needed to support effectively.

Our first maintenance tasks address security at your site. Issues highlighted during your IT review are reviewed by priority and resolved wherever possible. We aim to lock out any threats and keep your systems safe from compromise while under our management.

Once this process completes, your systems and all maintenance are our responsibility. You start benefitting from unlimited remote & technical support, plus onsite support whenever you need it. Your systems are monitored 24/7 and we proactively respond to your support requirements.

We respond to any outstanding items and consult with you to ensure we’ve got all bases covered. After that, we give you continued support throughout your time with us. Our process really is that simple.

Next Steps

For more information, please contact us on 01442 251 514 and we’ll be more than happy to advise you further.

iQuda Onboarding Process
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