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Managed Security Services

In the evolving threat landscape, it’s vital your network can defend against cyber security threats.

Managed security services help prepare your business for every eventuality. With a reliable information security strategy, you’re in a better position to mitigate risks and overcome security challenges.

Simple & Secure

Our managed security services help secure your network against compromise. Fully-managed means we monitor your network 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without exception. We take responsibility for your network and ensure you’re as secure as possible. All issues are identified and resolved far before they impact your day to day operations. ensure your network is as secure as possible at all times. We identify potential issues long before they become critical and before they have a chance to impact your day to day operations.

Our managed security services cater for all aspects of business information security. Whether you want peace of mind or to meet compliance standards, we’ve got what it takes to make it happen.


How We Can Help:

  • IT security audits
  • Network management
  • User awareness
  • Cybersecurity
  • Web filtering
  • Anti-virus & more

What Can We Do For You?

We offer a range of managed security services to cater for diverse business security needs.



Threat Intelligence

Threat intelligence collects global security insights and applies this knowledge to your network. Our solution is configured according to your requirements and offers expert category-based web filtering to protect your devices from cyber security threats. You can instantly protect your workplace from online attacks and leverage global security intelligence on a day-to-day basis.

As a fully-managed service, our team will install, configure, monitor & maintain this solution for you 24-hours a day.

Desktop, server & mobile device compatible.


IT Security Assessments

Our IT security assessments probe your network, identify gaps and expose potential areas of weakness. We provide you with a clear and decisive plan of action to close and eliminate gaps, leaving your network securely aligned to global best practice. See our range of IT security assessments to discover what we can do for your business.

Assessments are available individually or part of a fully-managed security service plan.


Managed Antivirus

managed antivirus solution is one of the most effective managed security services to implement. An antivirus works as a malicious threat detection, removal and alarming system to help prevent your devices from being compromised. Antivirus programs automatically highlight and quarantine potential issues as soon as they’re detected, giving increased end-point protection and a dramatic reduction in viruses, Trojans, SpamWare and Ransomware.

managed antivirus solution covers all devices in your organisation with antivirus coverage. We install the solution, monitor it during its lifetime and manage your subscription for you. Our approach ensures you are always covered with adequate antivirus protection throughout your IT estate. Available for desktops, servers and mobile devices.


Intrusion Detection

Spot malicious issues and policy violations before they occur with our fully-managed intrusion detection solution. This service will help you instantly prevent issues and protect your business from threats that arrive through your network.

An intrusion detection system works as a virtual watch guard on your network. The system gathers and analyses information from a number of sources in your network and identifies anomalies that may lead to a security breach. All issues are immediately highlighted for investigation, allowing your business to benefit from both machine learning intelligence and human verification. Our team manage the installation, configuration, maintenance and ongoing monitoring of this system on your behalf as part of a managed security services solution.


Managed Networks

Our managed network solutions are designed to enable you to get the most from your network. We proactively monitor, manage and maintain your network 24 hours a day so your network is always performing at optimum levels. As part of the service, we monitor all information security threats and manage your network for the highest standards of security. We have a number of managed network security services available including:

Contact us today to discuss your needs with a representative. Our services are developed to suit your requirements and the needs of your business.


Network Monitoring

Our network monitoring solution tracks your network performance, traffic and any security risks 24 hours a day. Our proactive team scan your network to identify any potential issues and automatically implement fixes to keep you secure at all times Automated monitoring alerts our team 24 hours a day, so we can proactively manage how your network performs for your business.

All security incidents are highlighted for resolution as a priority, ensuring you don’t have to worry about your network. We provide detailed management reporting to help you keep track of our service. This ensures you retain full oversight when outsourcing this vital network management function.


Managed Firewall

Managing your firewall is a key task for internal IT technicians. If you are unable to provide support in-house, or simply require additional manpower or expertise, it’s worth outsourcing this function.

Our managed firewall service ensures that your firewall is in professional hands. We monitor, maintain and manage your firewall on your behalf, ensuring optimum performance and information security coverage.

We offer managed firewall services on their own or as part as of an overall managed IT support solution. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.


24/7 IT Support

24/7 IT support takes security management a step further. This service, available in conjunction with managed IT support, provides you with unlimited out of hours IT support. In the event of a security issue, our team are on hand to assist you instantly.

Our remote support platform enables us to see your network and devices in real-time. We deliver instant support with no delays or interruptions, leaving you confident that help is always on hand.

Why Work With Us?

We are a team of IT professionals with decades of field experience. We offer a number of key advantages over and above our extensive services:



Managed security services allow you to leverage expert skill while freeing up the time you need to focus on your core business. As a managed security services provider, our team have built up extensive experience in the information securityfield. We apply our experience to every client we work with, ensuring the organisations we support can leverage the benefits of tried and tested solutions.

If you want to improve your information security processes, prevent attacks and ensure your organisation is as secure as possible, we can help make this a reality.


Dedicated Support

Our approach ensures you benefit from complete peace of mind, with complete transparency across our services. We provide you with regular insights and reports which cover your security status, our service and your overall level of protection against threats.

Our reports ensure you have access to all the information you need to make informed business decisions. Whenever you need advice or when you have a question, your dedicated account manager can answer your questions.



We are an independently ISO 27001 certified managed security service provider. This certification provides assurance that our business processes comply with global information security standards. We apply this intelligence to every network we manage and ensure that our clients benefit from globally recognised best-practice.

iQuda is also NHS Information Governance compliant. With a 100% IG Toolkit score, we are relied upon by healthcare providers throughout Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire & London. Our experience protecting healthcare providers from information security incidents enables us to deliver expert solutions to organisations of all sizes. Find out more about our experience.

Our dedicated managed security team work tirelessly to ensure our clients are as secure against information security threats as possible. We focus on expertly managing your network for maximum protection, leaving you free to focus on your business without interruption.

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