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Award-Winning Managed IT Support

A comprehensive and unlimited managed IT support solution for business. Includes unlimited remote and technical support, 24/7 monitoring & IT consulting.

Managed IT support gives you unlimited IT management, maintenance, and support for all users and devices. We manage your network to perform at it’s best and become your virtual IT department. This is a fixed-fee service which makes budgeting for your IT spend straight forward and predictable.

You’re left free to focus on your core business knowing that all your support needs are covered. We’re 100% UK based and no part of the service is outsourced.

Centralised Support

Managed IT support covers all your support needs under a single contract. Your business will benefit from a proactive, expert service at a fraction of what it costs to provide this level of support in-house.

We use market-leading support and automation tools to streamline the support you receive. Outsourcing your support prevents IT maintenance and management from getting in the way of you achieving your goals.

Most clients opt for fully-outsourced support however internal IT teams also benefit from access to the additional skill and manpower provided.

Overcome IT Challenges

When your IT is maintained and managed to perform at it’s best, you’ll work smarter and more efficiently. With downtime minimised, you can be more productive during working hours.

We focus on supporting your network to work for you and never against you. Our team consult with you to understand what is most important in your business, and we align your systems to help you achieve your goals.



• All updates
• Anti-virus management
• 24/7 monitoring and management
• Unlimited help desk and remote support
• Unlimited maintenance
• Management reporting
• Asset management
• Vendor and license management
• Guaranteed service level
• Applies to covered devices

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What Can We Do For You?

24/7 Monitoring

Faults identified and resolved before they impact your network.


Help desk available weekdays 08.00-18.00. 24/7 support available.


Updates, security and routine maintenance across all devices.


We manage your systems and networks in line with global best practice.


Prevent Disruption

Managed IT support includes 24-hour proactive monitoring on all devices covered by support. Automatic monitoring and alerting flag potential performance issues before they become critical. Once an issue is identified, your systems are optimised to prevent business interruption. Known issues are resolved automatically, delivering maximum performance from your systems with as little downtime as possible.


  • Server status checks
  • Internet connectivity and performance
  • Windows service scans
  • Operating system monitoring
  • Network device connectivity
  • RAID device, drive space and SNMP checks

Service Methodology

We gain an in-depth understanding of your organisation, your requirements, and your goals. During this stage, we undertake a full site survey to highlight your overall network as well the current status of all your devices. We identify a plan of action to resolve any issues and to bring your network on board and under management as efficiently as possible.
Once you’re onboard, we begin resolving any IT issues according to previous plans. We provide you with unlimited support and respond take care of your systems 24 hours a day. We become your virtual ‘IT department’, and we’re here to support you whenever you need us.
We cross-reference your initial plan with the current status of your network to ensure that everything is on track and your goals are being met. We seek to understand if there is any room for us to improve the service we deliver and ensure you are always 100% satisfied with your support.
We respond to any new goals identified at stage 3 and adjust our support according to your needs. Our team proactively implement fixes with excellent fault tolerance and we continually evolve your systems in response to emerging trends. We seek to continually improve what we do across the board and continue the process of plan-check-do-act to guarantee your satisfaction.


Guaranteed Service Level

Managed IT support is delivered at a guaranteed level of service. You receive a pre-defined service level agreement (SLA) which ensures your confidence in our service. Every request, incident or query is logged and allocated to a dedicated engineer. All support is traceable and monitored, ensuring you receive an unparalleled support experience.

Regular reports and IT reviews let you outsource without losing control. Management and performance reports, detailed service and system analytics and comprehensive IT roadmaps give you full oversight at all times.

We assign a dedicated account manager to every client we work with. This provides you with a single point of contact at iQuda, and lets you access support and advice rapidly. Your account manager becomes your virtual IT director and oversees all support you receive from us. They are your go-to person for ongoing consulting, advice or any other requests you may have.



Break/fix support is entirely reactive and relies on something going wrong before a solution is implemented. This is typically a ‘pay-as-you-go’  service. Break/fix works for some businesses, but usually results in higher-pressure, emergancy scenarios when your systems go down. Downtime can continue until new components or systems are sourced, delivered and installed.

Given that most IT problems can be prevented a long time before they cause substantial disruptions, it’s easy to see that this can be a short-sighted solution.


This approach actively implements fixes before potential problems get out of hand. Network monitoring and monitoring are commonly used to monitor vital performance metrics like drive space, CPU usage and the status of installed patches or updates. When a potential issue is spotted, a fix is put in place to prevent a larger problem. This level of support is usually paid for on a monthly basis and results in a more effective network with less downtime. The level of service you receive largely depends on the provider.


Managed IT support takes proactive support even further. This service caters for every aspect of a businesses IT support needs and delivers an entirely outsourced-IT department for a fraction of what it would cost to develop and maintain an in-house team. Organisations that use managed IT support effectively outsource all their IT needs to an external company, placing the operation and maintenance of their network in the hands of their provider. This is our approach to IT support.

The entirety of your infrastructure is managed and maintained to maximise the value you leverage from your IT. Managed IT support is an all-inclusive service that places your IT in professional hands, giving you freedom from daily maintenance and unlimited supports across the board. Best of all, everything is covered by a single monthly fee, making it easy and predictable to track what you spend on IT.

“Since 2011, iQuda has provided maintenance and  IT support for all Hospice IT systems including maintenance of approximately 150 PCs. We have a good working relationship, and iQuda has responded quickly to crises.The team has a friendly, reassuring and professional manner, and deal with problems and queries quickly and competently.”

Director of Finance, Hospice Sector

Service Process

When you need support, simply call us, email us or contact us through our portal. You’re sent a unique reference number to track the progress of your ticket until completion. We send regular updates to notify you when an engineer starts working on your ticket and if it’s escalated.

We use 24/7 monitoring, vendor alerts, related tickets and our knowledge base to give you the fastest possible support. Our process ensures a holistic approach and takes every relevant factor into account.


If we are unable to resolve your issue right away, your ticket is first assigned to a Level 2 and then a Level 3 engineer. This keeps the right level of skill on the job for the fastest resolution possible. If we diagnose that your issue is a hardware fault or we’re unable to resolve it remotely, we’ll schedule an onsite visit as soon as possible.

Closed Loop & Feedback

Every ticket we service completes with a closed loop, which gives a clear sign-off and an opportunity for you to give feedback.

Managed IT support service process

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