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Managed Backups

Managed Backups

Data lies at the heart of every business and is produced at a greater rate than ever before. Backing up your data is an important part of running a successful business. Our managed backups service takes care of your data for you and minimises the risk of costly data loss.

Securing Your Data From Loss

Our managed backups will help you prevent data loss and give you greater business continuity. Data loss usually results from human error or hardware failure but whatever the cause, it can be devastating to your business.

A managed backup offers excellent fault tolerance and reassurance that your data is safe. Your business is exposed to less risk, with a secure copy of your data available in any eventuality.

We have a wide range of solutions for all data requirements including cloud and local backups with our own in-house storage and retention facilities. Any data stored on our servers is backed up to two separate locations, offering excellent fault tolerance for any eventuality.

Why Managed Backups Make Sense

Managed backups are professional configured and managed on a daily basis. Our in-house team checks every backup for failures or incomplete data, providing excellent reliability with no room for error.

All maintenance tasks are taken care of, and you never need to check your backups are working.

If you’re new to managed backups, frustrated with your current setup or recovering from data loss, we’d be happy to help.

Next Steps

If you’re ready to get started or you’d like to know more about our backup and disaster recovery services, please contact us today on 01442 251 514 and we’ll be more than happy to advise you further.

Managed backups

At a Glance

  • Scheduled daily, weekly or monthly backups of your server or PC data
  • A backup agent installed to your device to allow us to manage your backups remotely
  • Regular success/failure reports
  • Fault resolution if a failure occurs, giving you assurance that your data is safe
  • Customizable retention policies – ranging from 1 week up to 1 year
  • Cloud of local backup copies
  • Encryption to keep your data safe
  • Regular updates to ensure you’re happy with the service
  • Guaranteed response times if you accidentally delete a file

Cloud or Local?

Both options give you a copy of your data, but each method has it’s own advantages. Cloud backups tend to be more expensive, but allow you to access your data from anywhere. Your data is stored on a remote server, offering excellent assurance in the event of a hardware meltdown or robbery at your site.

Local backups are less expensive, but rely on physical hardware which can fail. The likelihood of both your systems and hard drive failing are fairly low, however hardware is always higher risk. We highly recommend routine offsite backups if you opt for a local backup.


No Maintenance

We take care of all maintenance tasks for you, meaning that you free up time to focus elsewhere. Once setup, your backups run and you never need to worry about them.

We carry out routine maintenance and backup testing on a regular basis. As a result, our managed backups offer excellent performance and fault tolerance.


Scalable Backups

Our managed backups are charged by size, with higher amounts of data costing more to backup and store. We offer backups from as small as 1GB up to much larger figures.

All backups are scalable, allowing you to quickly add or remove storage space as your needs change.


Fixed Monthly Fee

Our pricing model is straightforward – we have no hidden charges or administration fees. The price you pay is agreed in advance of your ‘go-live’, making it easy for you to plan and control your IT spend.

If your backup ever goes over the agreed limit, we’ll contact you right away to discuss your options.


Pay Monthly or Annually

We offer monthly and annual packages to make budgeting for your IT spend a breeze. Discounts are available for registered charities and schools – if this applies to you please contact us to find out more.

We assign an account manager to every client we work with to make it easier for you to contact us if you ever have an issue.


Knowledge Integration

By working with a wide range of businesses, we’ve developed a skilled workforce with expert IT knowledge. We use this combined knowledge to continually improve our service, meaning you benefit from decades of IT skill whenever you deal with us.

All managed backups are under the control of our proactive department. This team is focused on strategic IT services, meaning your backup is always in safe hands.


Latest Technologies

We use the latest technologies to manage huge volumes of data on behalf of our clients. By sharing the resource between the sites we support, every business we works with gets a share of the benefit. The solutions we trust are used by market-leading companies and offer excellent reliability for data of all sizes.

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