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Our IT relocation service guarantees a successful relocation. We have the expertise required to move your systems safely, on time & within budget.

IT Relocation Service

Relocating your office can be stressful. With the added pressure of securely moving your IT and setting it up within a tight deadline, you can be faced with a daunting task. Having a professional company plan, manage and complete your IT relocation ensures your IT is moved safely, on time and within budget.

Our IT relocation service guarantees you a successful relocation. We start by evaluating your current IT estate, new premises, goals and key milestones. An IT relocation manager is assigned to you to manage your relocation from start to finish.

We handle all aspects of your IT relocation, from shutting down your serves to getting them up and running at your new site. Our extensive experience and IT expertise will ensure everything goes according to plan, no matter the scale or scope of your relocation.

IT relocation service

Our IT Relocation Experience

Sometimes relocations involve multiple contractors and third parties. There are often a number of stakeholders involved who all seem to have different goals in mind. We will manage all relevant parties on your behalf as part of the service, whether there are 5 or 50 contractors involved.

We have helped many organisations successfully relocate their infrastructure in the past. Past projects include moving multiple offices to a single location, relocating servers to data centers, and moving organisations into new premises and installing network cabling. Relocating your office doesn’t have to a be nightmare, and we will ensure this is your experience.

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What Can We Help With?


Server Relocation

Servers sit at the heart of your infrastructure. Relocating them safely can make the difference between a smooth and a disastrous IT relocation. Fortunately, we have extensive experience in this area and a proven track record of successfully relocating servers to their final environment.

Whether you need to relocate a single server or your in-house data centre you can rely on us.


Office Moves

Most modern businesses have more IT devices than employees. Getting all this equipment disconnected, moved and then reinstalled can become a complex task. We will safely package, relocate and reinstall all your infrastructure no matter how complex or critical it is.

We are fully-insured and have you and your equipment covered.



Cabled connectivity isn’t always installed at new premises. You may require additional endpoints or cabling for a new server room. We offer cost-effective cabling solutions to cater for all requirements. We will work with you to understand any potential cabling work required at your new premises and get this done before your relocation happens.


Hardware Disposal

We can dispose or recycle any damaged or unnecessary equipment for you. Any devices containing data are wiped to HMG S5 standards and overwritten with 7 passes before being physically destroyed. We provide a certificate of secure disposal in all instances.



Setting up your IT when you relocate is not always as easy as plug and play. Often a complete reconfiguration is required to ensure your network is back up and running before business hours. Our skill and expertise in this area provide assurance that your relocation will go smoothly and that all systems are in excellent working order on the same day.


Project Management

Every IT relocation we complete is managed as a project. This ensures a clear line of responsibility and oversight at every stage of the relocation lifecycle. In addition to managing relocations, we offer project management services to assist with your successful relocation to new premises.

Our project managers hold decades of combined experience in the IT field.

Common IT Relocation Issues



Aligning all project timings and monitoring completion dates will help ensure your relocation completes smoothly. We will manage all timelines during your relocation project and aim to complete according to plan and within budget.



Relocating can be expensive. We aim to accelerate your IT relocation and decrease any delays so you can minimize your costs as much as possible. You will benefit from a far more cost-effective IT relocation that is as streamlined as possible.


New vs Old Equipment

Most relocations involve a mixture of old and new equipment. New equipment typically arrives from a number of vendors which can create further complexities to manage. We will ensure that all equipment arrives on time and at the right location.

Your dedicated project manager will track all deliveries and coordinate each component required for an accelerated relocation.


Connection Dates

Your broadband connection, leased lines and other third party services can end up falling on separate dates. The importance of understanding your connectivity timeline is vital for a successful IT relocation. We will create a timeline of events and key dates as part of your IT relocation and ensure your systems can be connected as and when required.



When you relocate your IT it can be challenging to manage key responsibilities. Without establishing responsibilities and deliverables, your relocation can end up taking more time than planned and causing more frustration as a result. We will assume responsibility for the entirety of your relocation and manage all key responsibilities as part of the service. We will be your single point of contact and remove complexities, giving you one less thing to worry about.


How will your business cope with downtime during your relocation? How long will it take to get your systems back online once in your new premises? These are all important concerns that must be addressed so your relocation goes according to plan.

We will conduct a risk assessment and create uptime objectives before your relocation begins. This will ensure your relocation is completed successfully and with a well-considered downtime risk management strategy.

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