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Our free IT assessment provides a detailed overview of your network and an improvement plan. The assessment is carried out at your premises and uncovers potential issues that leave you exposed. We provide you with bespoke reports so you can make an informed business decision about your IT.

Performance, Security & Configuration

The assessment is broken down into various components covering performance, security & configuration. A summary report gives a brief overview in a digestible format. Improvement recommendations give you key action steps to take to improve your network. Every recommendation is based on industry standard best practice and we’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you have.

The assessment is covered by non-disclosure and confidentiality agreement and we provide full assurance that your details are kept private. Contact us today for more information or enquire using the contact form. This assessment is available to professional organisations with 10 or more users operating in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire or London.

What You’ll Receive:

  • Free site diagram with system ID, IP address, risks, and patch status.
  • Free infrastructure SWOT analysis.
  • Free asset list covering PCs, servers, printers and other network devices.
  • Key system metrics.
  • Detailed system analysis.
  • Disk space utilisation.
  • Device-level antivirus, antispyware & firewall overview.
  • Active & inactive user analysis.
  • Security groups.
  • Domain analysis.
  • Password strength analysis.
  • Security update/patch status.
  • SQL server analysis.
  • Major application count, version & number of installations.
  • System by system event log.
  • External security vulnerabilities.
  • Pinpoint business security risks.
  • Uncover gaps in your network.
  • Discover hidden weaknesses.
  • Understand how your IT affects your business.
  • Analyse where your systems hold you back.

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Free IT Assessment
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