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Protect your organisation from data loss caused by user errors, meet legal and compliance needs, and manage the employee lifecycle effectively with Backupify.

Datto Backupify

Datto Backupify delivers simple, automated, and secure backups of your cloud and SaaS data. You’ll be able to protect your organisation from data loss caused by user errors, meet legal and compliance needs, and manage the employee lifecycle effectively with Datto Backupify. Find, restore, and manage your SAAS data with Datto’s Total Data Protection Platform.

As companies move more and more core applications and data to cloud applications, they face new challenges in enforcing IT best practices. Having a second, secure copy of your data is always best practice, and this still holds true for data in SaaS apps.

Up until recently, there were a lack of options to successfully protect your SaaS data, but this has now changed. We are proud to be able to offer you secure backup and restore capability for both Office 365 and Google Apps data. Datto Backupify offers automated backups, secure protection & encryption, easy export/restore and UK-based cloud hosting. This offers extensive data retention far over the standard 30 day retention currently used by most cloud providers.

Datto Backupify SaaS Data Backup
Datto Backupify SaaS Data Backup

Prevent Data Loss

An astonishing 1 in 3 companies report losing SaaS data. While SaaS applications have strong disaster recovery plans, they can’t always protect you from accidental data loss caused by user errors or satisfy your legal and compliance needs. Using Datto Backupify ensures that critical company data is protected beyond situations where hardware failure or natural disasters are to blame.

This solution protects you against accidental deletion, hackers, ransomware, application downtime and other common cause of SaaS data loss. In the event you lose an important cloud document or email, it can be restored in a matter of minutes. Installation, maintenance and all support will be provided by iQuda as part of the service.

Datto is the leader in cloud-to-cloud backup, offering an all-in- one archiving, search, and restore solution for the most popular online services, including Office 365, Google Apps, Salesforce, and more. Datto Backupify ensures that companies can access, control, and most importantly, own the data they entrust to these systems.

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Common Causes of SaaS Data Loss



End-User Deletions

The most common cause of SaaS data loss is end-user deletions. Users within your organisation make mistakes— whether that’s deleting emails in the name of “inbox cleanup” or accidentially overwriting data in a spreadsheet. Cloud apps are great, but they’re not people-proof.


Hackers & Viruses

Hackers and viruses can wreck havoc in your Office 365 or Google Apps environment, whether that’s in the form of corrupted files, ransonware viruses that take control over your data, or deleted information. Protect your data by always having a second, secure copy with Backupify.


Malicious Activity

Sometimes the bad guy is operating within the walls of your organisation. Employees are sometimes to blame for malicious deletions. It might be the person that knows they’re about to be fired or someone that doesn’t want others to have access to data.


Departing Employees

Employee turnover happens, but data loss doesn’t need to occur when the employee leaves. Manage the employee lifecycle by taking a snapshot of the employee’s Office 365 or Google Apps data before you delete their user account to ensure their data continues to be protected and accessible.


Application Downtime

When cloud apps experience downtime and outages, it’s not always at the most convenient time for you. By having a second, secure copy of your data in Backupify, you’ll be able to access and download data when you need it most.

What Can We Do For You?

All implementation, maintenance, support and licensing for this solution is handled by our team for you. As a fully-managed solution, Datto Backupify guarantees your peace of mind.



Automatically Backup Data

Rest easy with Backupify’s automatic 3x/day backup for Office 365’s and Google Apps’ email and calendar apps. Admins can also initiate a backup at any time.


Securely Manage Data

Protect your data with powerful security controls, including compliance with SOC 2 Type II, HIPAA, and Safe Harbor. Data is secured with 256-bit encryption and admins have access to enterprise-grade controls and monitoring.


Quickly Search for Backups

Zero in on users, items, and metadata to quickly find what you’re looking for from the dashboard.


Easily Restore and Export Backups

Restore individual files or groups of files back into a user’s account or download them directly to your machine.


Backup/Restore Management

Place your SaaS data backup & disaster recovery in safe, expert hands. All licensing, support and maintenance is taken care of by our team on your behalf.


No User Limit

There are no user restrictions or limits. Datto Backupify is a one-size-fits-all backup solution for organisations of all sizes.

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