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Cyber Security Consulting

Proactive cyber security consultancy

Redefine your outlook and prepare for the future with expert cyber security consulting solutions that cover your local, cloud, mobile and people assets. Our cyber security consulting team use global threat intelligence and best-practice to help you lock cyber criminals out of your network for good.

Execute and Eliminate

Boost your cyber security capabilities and redefine your digital journey with expert guidance on all aspects of enterprise cyber security. Our dedicated security team will help you develop your strategy to identify, execute and eliminate emerging global infosec threats.


Global Threat Intelligence

Global best-practice sits at the core of a dependable cyber security solutions. Our team delivers excellence in line with security standards such as ISO 27001, Cyber Essentials and NHS Information Governance.


Data Driven

Effective cyber security incorporates up to date, global security data to keep your systems ahead of the curve. We monitor emerging threats in real-time to deliver unparalleled protection direct to your network.


Rapid Response

Our dedicated cyber security work around the clock to protect your systems in real-time. Our solutions are backed by guaranteed SLAs which keep us accountable and you in control.


Unified Approach

Your cyber defenses should be unified and ready to defend no matter when an attack reaches your borders. Our holistic approach singles out your risks to ensure you’re ready for a secure tomorrow.

Are you Cyber Secure?

It’s vital to get Cyber Security right. Robust practices are essential to the future running of your business. Consider whether you have the following in place:

  • Firewalls
  • Robust infrastructure
  • A change control policy
  • Portable media controls
  • Secure network configuration
  • Secure remote working procedures
  • Robust information security policies
  • Defined information security responsibilities
  • An audit program
  • Risk treatment plans
  • Leadership commitment
  • Risk management procedures
  • Competency to tackle security
  • Information security objectives
  • Regular information and cyber security training
  • Adequate resources to address cyber security
  • Encryption
  • Anti Virus protection
  • Segregated networks
  • Physical security measures
  • Adequate organizational awareness
  • User access management procedures
  • Information classification and handling policies
  • Password policies, expiration rules and automatic lock-outs

Start Your Journey to Cyber Security Excellence Today

Our Cyber Security Consulting Expertise



Developing and executing a suitable strategy is the first step to staying safe online. Our cyber security consulting team use best-practice to help you analyse risk and develop a strategy that will work for you time and time again.


New Systems

Introduce new systems and innovations securely with expert guidance across the board. Our team will guide your journey from start to finish and ensure you implement effective new systems you can rely on for years to come.


Data Protection

Data is your digital lifeblood. Hackers want in, and your business could be on the line if your data is compromised. Our innovative approach helps you close in on risks and shut the door on hackers to keep your data safer than ever.


Threat Management

Our cyber security consulting team delivers expert guidance for effective threat management. Our consultants provide executive-level insights to help you stay on top of threats before they reach your network. We can help you implement appropriate mechanisms for in-house management, or you can outsource these functions to our multi-award winning team.


Outsourced Solutions

Cyber security is a fast-paced, evolutionary process that can never stand still. The best defenses change constantly to keep cyber criminals on their toes and ensure you’re always one step ahead. We provide a wide range of outsourced solutions to help you save time and simplify cyber security management. Fully-managed solutions keep you in control through regular updates, custom reports and dedicated account management so you’re always in the know.


Cloud Security

Cloud security should never be an afterthought. Breaches happen, and there are no guarantees you’re immune from attack. We’ve evolved security beyond the cloud through multi-tiered fail-safes that enable cloud agility without compromise. Our experts can assist you with recognising your exposure and eliminating risks for maximum confidence in the cloud.


Compliance & Best-Practice

Working towards compliance and preparing for audits is a time-consuming and complex task. Our cyber security consultants help you assess your network, iron-out issues and implement relevant controls so you pass your audit with ease. We offer consulting on a range of information security standards such as ISO 27001, NHS Information Governance (IGSoC) and many more.


Digital Transformation

Any organisation that makes substantial changes via of digital technologies is essentially undergoing digital transformation. At iQuda, digital transformation is about achieving business goals through innovation, strategic thinking and continual improvement. Our consultants will guide your journey every step of the way, ensuring a complete transformation of your systems, processes and policies.


People & Security

Cyber security is about more than technology. Human error is directly involved in up to 95% of breaches, making it critical to incorporate your people into your security strategy. Our team will work with your team to develop a culture of cyber excellence, ensuring resilience through systems, policies, processes and people.

Why iQuda?

  • ISO 27001 certified
  • Decades of experience
  • Cyber Essentials certified
  • Voted Best Professional Services 2017
  • Deep understanding of cyber security
  • No clients affected by WannaCry or Petya attacks