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Cyber Security Solutions

Prevent attacks, protect data, and develop a secure digital future with our cyber security services.

What Can We Help With?

Our cyber security solutions offer enterprise-grade threat prevention. We offer a range of services for businesses of all sizes.

Prevent Issues

We can help you monitor, identify and prevent critical security issues.

Minimise Risks

Close and eliminate gaps in your business security processes with innovative IT solutions.


Data Protection

Our solutions can help ensure your vital data is protected from emerging cyber security threats.


Evolve, grow and protect your business from global security threats.

Cyber Security Solutions

Your network is one of your most critical assets. Our cyber security solutions will secure your systems against attack, protect your business from external threats and prioritise the integrity of your data.

Our market-leading cyber security solutions cover every aspect of business technology. From the overall integrity of your network to the availability of your business critical services, we can help you excel in your digital transformation.

Cyber security

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What Can We Do For You?

Our cyber security solutions will secure your systems against attack, protect your business from external threats and prioritise the integrity of your data.




We deliver independent cyber security analysis, advice & consultation to help you improve your cyber security practices. Our approach ensures your critical systems are secure, protected and fit-for-purpose, and we make every recommendation based on hard-earned business experience.

Whether you are new in business, recovering from an attack or looking to transform your business, contact us today to discuss your needs with our experts. Learn more about our consulting services.


IT Security Assessments

Your first step to improved security begins with an IT security assessment. Our assessments scan your entire network, exposing weaknesses and evaluating cyber security risks. A thorough analysis and improvements report provides expert insights into the integrity of your network, helping you make informed decisions about the state of security in your business. Learn more.



Data Protection

Attacks happen, but backups mitigate their affect on your business. A secure data backup works as a virtual snapshot of your environment. In the event of an attack, a separate copy of your critical data can be restored. This mitigates the breadth and depth of a cyber security incident, saving your business expensive data recovery costs and the risk of damage to your hard-earned reputation.

Our cloud and local data backup solutions are available standalone or as fully-managed solutions. Backup management places your data in expert hands, and we take care of each and every backup. All backups are tested at scheduled intervals to ensure the highest standards of integrity and availability. Contact us today to request a quote.


Disaster Recovery

Our disaster recovery solutions incorporate elements of data protection, policy and business continuity. We use scenario testing to fault-find your systems against various potential events, then configure your network for rapid and complete recovery. When a disaster occurs, simply activate the plan and let us do the rest for you.

Potential disasters can include acts-of-God, malicious attack, ransomware, hardware failure or theft. The type of disaster doesn’t matter to us, what’s important is that your systems are available when you need them to be, with as little damage as possible when things go wrong.



Managed IT Support

Managed IT Support places your network and systems in professional hands. For a fixed monthly fee, all aspects of support, maintenance and management are taken care of. Our managed IT support service includes unlimited remote support and IT help desk support, unlimited maintenance, all scheduled onsite visits and more.

As part of the service, we include a cyber security prevention strategy and regularly analyse your network to help prevent threats from occurring. With 24/7 monitoringon every device covered by support, we track how your systems perform at all times. Potential issues are immediately signposted and flagged for resolution, leaving your network as secure as possible. Managed IT support is available for desktops, servers, mobile devices and all other business technology devices. Discover the benefits of managed IT support today.


Managed Antivirus

We supply, configure, manage and advise on all aspects of preventative business software. Our solutions include managed antivirus, anti-malware, anti-spyware and anti-ransomware. Our packages are available as single licenses or as part of a corporate coverage solution.

We offer license only or fully managed antivirus coverage where we take care of the lifecycle of your coverage. This service includes subscription management, installation, configuration and renewal. Contact us today for more information about market-leading anti-virus coverage.



Cyber security policies define your approach to combating cyber threats and outline how you intend to prevent your business from becoming a victim. A well-defined policy ensures your stakeholders are all working on the same page and helps educate your staff and colleagues about cyber security in your organisation.

Our team of consultants can help you develop your own cyber security policies. As an ISO 27001 certified IT support provider, we use globally accepted best practice to inform the solutions we supply. The service you receive allows your organisation to reap the benefits of global intelligence.


Cloud Security

Information security is one of the biggest barriers to cloud adoption. We help businesses overcome this challenge so they can make the most of what technology has to offer. Our cloud security solutions coverage the entirety of the cloud lifecycle, from adoption to implementation and ongoing use. We offer a range of services such as virtual firewalls, 2-factor authentication, encryption and more – everything you need to protect your business in the cloud.


Web Filtering

Web-filtering serves as a fast-acting barrier between your network and the world-wide-web. Your filtering solution is configured according to your own preferences, allowing you to control web access within your organisation. Web filtering can be configured according to global best-practice, category-based filtering, predictive threat intelligence, or per-user. This solution is trusted by a number of leading schools, healthcare providers and corporate offices around the UK.

Web-filtering can help prevent access to potentially dangerous website content and automatically guides your stakeholders through a safe web-browsing experience. Our solution is a market-leading preventative business protection mechanism and can help protect your organisation from online cyber security threats. Deployment is fast, and 100% cloud-based, requiring no additional hardware to operate effectively. Desktop, server and mobile device compatible.



If your device is encrypted, your information is virtually impenetrable without a password. In the event you lose a device or fall victim to theft, there is much less risk of access to your important information. We offer a range of encryption services that will help secure your information assets against unauthorised manipulation or exploitation.

The encryption we provide is informed by a number of global standards such as the ISO 27001 information security standard as well as NHS Information Governance. Ecryption is available per-device or as part of an overall cyber security improvement plan. Contact us today for more information.

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