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Cloud Services

Gain flexibility, scalability, and remote access like never before. Internet-powered virtual infrastructure equips your business with future-proofed technology. Low start-up costs, with up to 99.9% availability guaranteed. Public and private cloud available.

The cloud delivers unparalleled scalability, flexibility, and power-on-tap. With no expensive hardware costs required to meet your business needs, cloud services offer an alternative to traditional hardware-based infrastructure. Around the globe we have witnessed an exponential increase in our ability to access the internet at speed. Cloud services follow suit, delivering powerful solutions via the internet. From server space for remote storage to powerful online applications – the cloud is here to stay.

Cloud services are not reliant on your investment in expensive servers or computers, therefore there are low costs involved with getting started. The majority of cloud services are subscription based and paid for on a monthly or annual basis. It’s never been simpler to get started – all you need is an internet-enabled device and a reliable internet connection. Clients choose the cloud for a wide range of applications including data storage, website hosting, cloud server space and more.

We offer a complete portfolio of cloud-based solutions for businesses around the UK. Get in touch today to discover how the cloud can positively benefit your business. If you are currently using one or more cloud services but you are unsatisfied with your current provider, contact us for more information about what makes our service unique.

Cloud Email

Office 365 and Google Apps cloud Email. Fully-managed migration and license management available. From £3.30 per user per month.


Powerful virtual infrastructure, hosted globally and in the UK. Scalable, flexible, affordable options available including fully-managed IaaS services.

Cloud Backup

We offer a range of flexible cloud backup solutions with UK-based backup hosting available. Our solutions are designed for small to medium organisations.

Email Filtering

Cloud-driven email security solutions with enterprise-grade functionality. We offer local and remotely hosted email filtering solutions.

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Internet Powered Productivity

“The Cloud” is simply a metaphor describing a range of remotely hosted applications and services. Cloud computing emerged as an alternative to traditional computing formats and offers excellent features for businesses of all sizes. The Cloud has facilitated an exponential increase in the ability to centralise IT resources and data on an exponential scale.

Cloud-based infrastructure is still dependent on physical hardware which is managed and maintained by the service provider. You ‘rent’ space on this infrastructure and it’s delivered to you via the Internet. This reduces the initial outlay costs of setup and also gives far greater flexibility than ever before. In some instances, businesses are based almost entirely online, without the associated costs of maintaining servers and on-premise hardware.


Scale Rapidly

The cloud delivers all the advantages of locally based infrastructure via the internet. There are clear advantages to cloud adoption which include the ability to rapidly scale your business as your grow and low initial capital expenditure to get started.

We base all our recommendations on the unique needs of your business and the industry you operate in. Therefore, your adoption of the cloud should be based on the best case for your business. Get in touch for no-obligation advice on all aspects of cloud computing. Our team will help you find a solution that works for you.


Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid cloud makes use of both local and cloud-based infrastructure. The majority of businesses adopting the cloud are achieving success through a hybrid model, which allows companies to make the best of both worlds. In practice, this often means adopting cloud based email like Gmail or cloud-based Office 365, while still making use of a physical server. Hybrid solutions deliver excellent performance and are a good place to start with cloud.


Low Outlay Infrastructure

All you need to get started is an internet connection and a device to access the cloud through. Cloud applications can be accessed through laptops, tablets, and smartphones, making cloud a perfect solution for business people on the go. This is a particular advantage for start-ups and home businesses who can quickly implement enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure with low initial capital expenditure.


Up to 99.9% Uptime

Cloud solutions are up to 99.9% uptime availability guaranteed. With guaranteed availability, you benefit from instant access to the services you need, as soon as you need them. Cloud-based services are remotely accessed, enabling unparalleled access to your software and systems from anywhere in the world – perfect for businesses with remote or mobile workers. All you need to get started is a reliable business grade internet connection.


Cloud Pricing

Pricing is dependent on the type of service, your specific requirements and the number of users in your organisations. For applications such as cloud-based email, prices begin as low as £3 per month. The majority of cloud services are very accessible and affordable even for the smallest of businesses. We currently offer services in the following areas:

  • Cloud email – Office 365 and Google Apps
  • Linux and Microsoft hosting
  • Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud services
  • Hybrid Cloud solutions
  • Consulting on cloud-based Line of Business solutions
  • Cloud and network security
  • Managing the Internet of Things
  • The connectivity and infrastructure for high-speed internet access

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